Sinner and Savior: Emma Molloy and the Graham Murder

Hear the story of evangelist and temperance advocate Emma Molloy,  who moved to the Ozarks to establish a home for her family while she traveled and lectured throughout the United States. Trusting that her farm manager, George Graham, and his wife Cora could manage the farm and take care of her younger children, she left home and continued her crusade for temperance. Her trust was misplaced and the result was the “Graham Tragedy,” so named when George’s former wife Sarah was found dead on the Molloy farm. Emma’s relationship with George, as well as her status as a respected public figure, placed her at the center of a scandal from which she never fully recovered.


Police Matrons in the Ozarks

Learn about the role of police matrons around the Ozarks and how their work impacted communities families and communities.



The Temperance Movement in the Ozarks

The temperance movement flourished throughout Missouri as early as the 1840s. Learn the origins of the temperance movement in the United States and hear about the work of temperance advocates in the Ozarks.